Regulations regarding the protection of privacy rights

ROCK CASTLE is firmly committed to protecting the personal information of those who visit its web site.

To access the ROCK CASTLE web site and make use of the services offered (such as the online purchase of products, optional subscription to newsletters, etc.), each user is asked to provide a certain amount of personal information to ROCK CASTLE and/or to third parties it may call upon in the context of its services (e.g. the online payment system).This information may include, as required, the user’s first and last names, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery information, billing information, site correspondence and conversations, and transactions (such as the information related to the user’s ROCK CASTLE account), as well as browsing data, etc. Failure to provide any or all of this information may result in the user not being able to access the site or the services offered, or to only have limited access.

The personal information provided to ROCK CASTLE is not sent to third parties for direct marketing purposes without the prior consent of the user in question. Moreover, this information is stored and processed on servers located in Europe, for which ROCK CASTLE ensures that access is secured in the best possible manner, both physically and technologically. However, the possibility of unauthorized access to and illegal or abusive use of the site by third parties cannot be excluded and this despite all due diligence by ROCK CASTLE to prevent it.

The password chosen by the user when registering (as may be) with ROCK CASTLE allows him to access his account. Nevertheless, ROCK CASTLE strongly encourages each user who registers not to share his password with anyone else. Otherwise, the user’s liability may be engaged if a third party carries out operations from his account. Additionally, if the user does not remember his password or if he believes that his password has been compromised, it is his responsibility to inform ROCK CASTLE as promptly as possible and create a new password. ROCK CASTLE is responsible for processing the personal information provided by the ROCK CASTLE site users. Processing this data may be entrusted to a third party. In any event, ROCK CASTLE undertakes to take all measures necessary to ensure the secure processing of this personal data.

Personal information provided by the user is, depending on the situation, used to allow the relevant user to access the site and related services, as well as to respond to communications from said user, the general execution of the contract between the user and ROCK CASTLE, and even for statistical purposes or direct marketing purposes. It thus allows ROCK CASTLE to provide, notably, the services associated with its site; settle disputes; proceed with agreed-upon billing; customize its services, provide content and advertising; prevent illicit or illegal activity and ensure the application of its Terms of Use, etc. It is also under these conditions that ROCK CASTLE may be required to provide this data to its platform operator or to other people to whom the relevant user has asked ROCK CASTLE to send the data, as well as to third parties subject to the justification of their rights and requests in compliance with the applicable legal provisions.

Moreover, ROCK CASTLE has no control over personal information that a user may decide to communicate to another user or over the privacy policies adopted by the third parties which it may call upon in the context of services related to its site (e.g. the online payment system). Thus it is possible that the user is also subject to these third-party regulations, in which case ROCK CASTLE recommends the user to review them prior to providing his personal information. 


The ROCK CASTLE site and related services may employ “cookies” which are small electronic files that are sent by the site to the user’s hard disk. The purpose of these cookies is to personalize content, offer features related to social media, analyze our traffic, and carry out or facilitate electronic messaging via the network used by recording, for example, the fact that the user has already selected a particular language or accepted certain conditions, etc., and this to avoid the relevant user’s having to repeat these operations at each visit. We also share this information about the use of our site with our social media and analytic partners. However, the user remains free to program his browser settings as he wishes with respect to the acceptance or not of a cookie and even to delete it. Nevertheless, in case of refusal or deletion, it may be possible that some web pages on the site and some related services do not display correctly or even become inaccessible.

These Regulations regarding the protection of privacy rights are governed and interpreted under Belgian law. These Regulations may be modified from time to time. Unless otherwise specifically provided for, any new provisions will enter into force when published on the ROCK CASTLE web site. Users who have a ROCK CASTLE account will also receive an e-mail informing them of any change made to these Regulations.


Any user may freely exercise his rights to access and correction, as well as, if need be, to opposition, by sending ROCK CASTLE a written, signed and dated request with a copy of both sides of his identity card, via email to (with the scanned documents attached), or by registered receipt letter to ROCK CASTLE, av des Aubépines 4, 1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Belgium. If the ID card is an electronic ID card, the user must add official proof of address. Any user may oppose the processing of his personal information for direct marketing purposes by the same method.

Last updated: June 2017